About Me.

My name is Kelley. I am a twenty-something who lives in Philadelphia, PA, by way of New York City. By day, I work from 9-5 in the legal field. By night, I am a blogger with a serious passion for wine. So how did I get into blogging about wine? It all started when a group of my girlfriends expressed an interest in learning about wine. Being the nerd that I am, I suggested we buy some wine books and teach ourselves about wine rather than spend serious cash on wine classes in New York City. Thus, the blog was born as an online record of the wine club's tasting adventures. Now that I no longer live in NYC (tear), I expanded the blog to incorporated a variety of my interests beyond just wine, such as, food, restaurants, travel, history, law and general lifestyle tips.


So Why Molly Pitcher? 

The original Molly Pitcher is more folklore than a specific individual. Some historians suggested the term originated as a nickname for women who carried water to men on the battlefields during the American Revolutionary War. Others argue it was the nickname of Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley, a woman who actually fought during the war at the Battle of Monmouth. Regardless of Molly Pitcher's true origin, the name today represents the actions of inspirational women. I chose to name the blog after specific group of New York women who organized against Prohibition in 1922 using the infamous Molly name, the Molly Pitcher Club. The original ladies of this club argued that Prohibition was illegal and the government should not get involved with an individual's private choice. I don't claim to be quite so black-and-white (or political either way for that matter) but I do hope to share my passion (and maybe inspire yours) for wine, food, travel, history and law. All while recognizing a group of outspoken, risk-taking ladies.

Photo by Lindsey Rae.  My favorite photog!

Photo by Lindsey Rae. My favorite photog!



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