Wine Reviews: Sancerre

I love Sancerre. 

Actually, that is kind of an understatement. We're involved. (Shout out to the awesome one-liners of "10 Things I Hate About You," anyone... anyone... no? - ok moving on).

But seriously, Sancerre is the reason I started to really enjoy the details of wine. I was a huge Sauvignon Blanc fan and I was looking to experiment with different styles. But remember, when it comes to France, the wine is named by the location where its made, not the grape. So I learned that a well known style of Sauvignon Blanc was made in Sancerre, a region within the Loire Valley.

And the rest is History. Check out my review of the latest Sancerre I tasted below!


Where it's from? Upper Loire, France.

Grapes? Sauvignon Blanc.

My Thoughts.

What I loved about this wine is that it had some body to it. It wasn't too light, like some Pinot Grigios can be, but the mouth feel was definitely medium bodied. This gave the wine a smooth start, opening up with a  surprisingly fresh and tart finish. 

This wine had a beautiful aroma. It was bursting with fruit and floral smells - lemon, white peach, fresh grass, lettuce and even some white pepper. All those fruity and fresh scents that just scream - bright summer. Yet surprisingly, the taste was relatively mild, in a good way. The wine was smooth and tasted of herbs and lettuce. It was a perfect contrast to the smell. Very indicative of more subtle european styles.


Overall, this wine is delicious, it's one of my favorites, and I can't say enough good things about this style. 

Basically, you should go grab a bottle as soon as possible. 

Seriously, why are you still reading?