Photo Confessions: Philadelphia Art Museum

My weekend view of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

My weekend view of the Philadelphia Art Museum.

What better way to close down another manic Monday with a little photo confession.

In case you may be new to this reoccurring segment, "photo confessions" are short posts I write describing fun photos taken during my day to day. The majority of these photos are shared on the blog's instagram account,  but every once and a while I like to share a fun photo that was worthy of more than just the usual instagram post.

The feature this time - the one and only Philadelphia Art Museum! I admit, most of us have probably seen it - either in real life or at least in one of the Rocky movies. Personally, I walk by at least once a month. But I don't care how cheesy it is, I still run up the steps with Eye of the Tiger blasting - and it's fun every time. It is just an iconic cultural site. And that's why I love Philadelphia.

Philadelphia is definitely one of the most underrated cities on the East Coast. There is so much culture to soak up - and most of it is free! The food is delicious - where local chefs aim to feature inventive flavors without the steep price tag (viva la BYOB)! And it's just a great town to live in!

I challenge you to think about your favorite place! Whether you live in a big city or rural town, always strive to find those hidden gems that make your community special.